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Have you ever walked into a space and wished that you could create that room in your home? It’s more than a nice furniture piece or color palette. It’s how everything flows and comes together.

Your home is your sacred space. We all long to have a space that warms our heart, as well as creates a sense of peace and well being for ourselves and our family.
The assessment of the dynamic of the family is increasingly important in remodeling and design. Many remodeling professionals are too afraid to ask about family for the fear of maybe coming across as too intrusive or nosy. However, some questions are important to ask during the assessment phase of your remodeling project. Is this a family that sits down for dinner every night? Is that something they would like to incorporate, if they don’t already do so? What is the tone of the family? Are there petty arguments that could be resolved by simple design solutions (for example, getting up and turning off the lights when you are already in bed)?

Spaces that are heartfelt not only take color and structures into account but they incorporate design elements that make the family function better as a whole.

Our intention at K Construction & Remodeling (, first and foremost, is to provide clients with a positive experience that will last a lifetime. We’ve gone beyond building and remodeling. We assist you in making sense on how you want this space to work for you and your family.

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